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We are your local plan drawing experts specialising in home extensions, alterations, loft conversions and new build. ‘Plans To Expand’ are here to make the process of extending your home simple and stress free.

Our reputation as a name you can trust has been built up over many years of offering a quality product at a reasonable cost in a fast efficient manner. We do this by applying all our experience in design, quality and customer service.We can, on your behalf deal with all local authority applications and any problems that may arise from these.

We are not Architects we are Architectural designers specialising in domestic extensions for homeowners and tenants. This means we can draw on the experience gained producing hundreds of plans over many years for very type of home improvement. Domestic building work is a field all of it’s own and this is where we specialise, we do nothing else making us your ideal choice.

Our drawings are all computer generated guaranteeing clarity, accuracy and quality.We aim to have drawings ready for your approval within 10 working days of the initial survey of your property. On your approval of the drawings we can, on your behalf, submit them to your local authority for approval. At this time you will be required to supply cheques made out to your local authority for the planning and building regulation fees. These fees are set by your local authority and usually calculated relative to the size of your proposed work. We will calculate these for you. Our fees also become due at the time of submission to your local authority. Our fees will be confirmed during our initial visit to your home.

Unfortunately we do not get involved in quoting building costs. Preferably you should approach a number of builders to obtain a comparison of prices. The builders will need our drawings to accurately price your project. We do not recommend builders but we would advise you to contact the ‘Federation of Masters Builders’ or the ‘Chartered Institute of Building’ to obtain the names of reliable and reputable builders in your area.


The step by step progression of your project.

  1. We visit you at your home, discuss feasibility and give you a price.

  1. We survey your home, hopefully on the first visit

  1. We produce drawing for your approval

  1. On your approval we submit your proposal to your local authority.

    At this time you pay your local authority fees and our plan fee.
  1. The council may or may not request some modifications, which we complete and re-submit.

  1. You are ready to receive local authority approvals.

  1. You obtain quotations from builders.


As we have said we are not Architects we are Architectural designers and we do not charge Architects fees. We offer professional Plan Drawing Services for domestic projects. That is what we do day in and day out. We don’t design high risk blocks or amazing glass towers or stunning cutting edge bridges and do house plans as a lucrative side line. We specialise in domestic work and can therefore draw on a wealth of knowledge gained from having progressed similar projects locally many times before. Along with the local knowledge regarding your councils particular quirks.

To obtain an accurate quote from a builder he would need to refer to a correctly drawn set of plans. If you get a quote from a builder before having a set of approved plans produced, be very aware that it really is a quote (a rough, sometimes very rough idea). With a set of approved plans a builder should be able to give you a much firmer estimate (a fixed price for the job). He would be able to calculate all the materials required. He would be aware from the start of otherwise maybe unforeseen problems such as having to relocate drains or install new drains.

Possible problems like any supporting steelwork that may be required to prevent your house from becoming a pile of rubble. This steelwork has to be designed by a structural engineer. If you choose ‘Plans to Expand’ these problems would all be highlighted at the start and the solutions sorted and approved and detailed on your plans.

Some builders will offer you what they call a plans service. This can cost you an awful lot of money. We go into this in more detail on one of our help sheets. It also ties you in to the one builder. We would strongly recommend that you have your plans prepared independently of any builders. Using our services you would have a set of fully approved plans and no ties or obligations to anybody.

Our full terms and conditions are available on request and will be supplied in any case should you engage our services.

We can, again on request, supply some useful and free ‘help’ sheets with information on choosing a builder, getting plans drawn, what to consider when thinking about extending your home and a list of useful telephone numbers and other contact details.


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